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Solar Home Lighting

Our DC Home Light System is a set of photovoltaic solar module, DC Fan, LED Bulb / Tube, inbuilt charge controller and battery.

Available in different models and can be customized as per requirement.


  • Best quality raw material adhering to international standards
  • Best Quality LED for longer backup
  • Innovative and Unique design
  • DC Fan with low electricity consumption
  • AC Charging
  • Reverse Current Flow protection
Model Model-1 Model-2 Model-3 Model-4
Battery 7AH 7AH X 2 20 AH 20 AH
Panel 6W 12W 24W 24W
No of Luminaries 1 2 2 + 1 FAN 4
Autonomy 3DAYS
Electronics Charge Controller and LED Driver Circuit
Circuit Efficiency >90%