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Panel Lights

The go-to product when anyone says the words “LED Lights”. Tintech brings you the standard range of Slim Panel lights which can be used at homes to offices or anywhere there is a false ceiling. With a aluminium housing, high quality LED and drivers, Tintech Panel Lights ensure the highest brightness and life int he market.

Slim Panel

PL-3W 87MM (72MM)
PL-6W 120MM (105MM)
PL-9W 120MM (105MM)
PL-12W 170MM (155MM)
PL-15W 170MM (155MM)
PL-20W 225MM (210MM)
PL-24W 225MM (210MM)
PL-24W 300MM (285MM)


BK-3W 92MM (77MM)
BK-6W 105MM (90MM)
BK-9W 125MM (110MM)