Shine Brighter.

Tintech LED is a subsidiary of KLM Electronics, an established and well respected name in the electronics manufacturing industry. Over the last three decades, KLM Electronics has developed a robust product portfolio that includes invertors, UPS, TV Kits, Stabilizers, CFL Inverters and more. It has cultivated a strong dealer network across India over this period.

With energy saving technologies taking center stage and the need for 'green' products, KLM Electronics has forayed into the manufacture of LED lighting products through its subsidiary brand Tintech LED. The fast developing LED product range includes lights for indoor as well as outdoor applications, both for residential and commercial spaces. Tintech LED products are of superior quality with high lumen LEDs, and are more reliable at lower price points than most other similar products on offer in retail. Tintech LED has recently opened its first LED Light Application and Retail center at Tilak Nagar, New Delhi.