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COB Spotlights

The new trend for LED Lighting is with COB Spot Lights. Spot Lights are known to completely change the look and feel of a space just by throwing in clear light, rather than diffused light. We use high quality housing and top quality COBs (Chip-on-board) to give you a product that will last for years to come, both for quality and aesthetics.

SP-1W 1W X 1 52MM (46MM)
SP-3W 1W X 3 85MM(76MM)
SP-5W COB 90MM (75MM)
SP-10W COB 110MM(95MM)
SP-20W COB 140MM(125MM)
SP-30W COB 140MM(125MM)
SP-40W COB 160MM(145MM)
SP-50W COB 180MM(165MM)